Our specialized partners and products

We work with products from

We collaborate with the following laboratories

  • Atelier für Zahntechnik AG
  • Zahntechnische Werkstatt Daniel Pally AG, www.pallyag.ch
  • Zahntechnische Manufaktur Bertrand Thiévent, www.oraldesign-zuerich.ch
  • Labor 10
  • Zahntechnisches Labor R. Renggli
  • Laboratoire Dentaire Renzo Delnon


Physiotherapy St. Moritz

In the case of problems regarding the jaw and facial area we join forces with the physiotherapists Marit Pasig and Sabine Sauser who are specializing in this area.

Klinik Gut St. Moritz

Treatments under general anaesthetic are carried out at the Klinik Gut in St. Moritz.