The optimum solution for your specific dental situation

Emergency care

Do you suffer from acute toothache or have you had accident? We are at your service any time.

Dental care for children

We look forward to take care of the youngest ones. Good dental health starts at an early age. Children with healthy teeth have a good prospect with regard to later dentification and dental health. We help your children to learn about correct tooth care and enable them to experience a visit at the dentist's as a relaxed everyday experience.


Tooth substance destroyed by decay can be restored with fillings or inlays using composite, ceramic or gold inlays.


Missing or damaged teeth impair the function of the teeth and affect the appearance. Crowns, bridges and implants offer a solution to this.

Removable dentures

We design perfectly fitting partial and complete dentures for you that are indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Endodontology / Peridontology

We commit ourselves with all our skills and experience to conserve your teeth by taking the necessary measures, e.g. performing root and gum treatments according to the latest findings.


Our team has many years of experience with regard to oral surgery, from tooth extraction to root resection. Surgery requiring a general anaesthetic is performed at the Spital Oberengadin in Samedan.


The aligner therapy enables teeth straightening with invisible braces.

Herpes and aphtha treatment

Thanks to laser technology we can alleviate the pain if you suffer from herpes or aphtha and speed up the healing process at the same time.

Laser therapy

The CO2 laser we use enables us to remove the degenerated tissue from the mouth as gently as possible. It doesn’t leave any scars and its application speeds up the healings process.
If a filling runs deep and close to the nerve the laser can sooth the dental nerve and avoid root treatment.

Aesthetic dental care


We happily support your strive for a bright smile. Benefit from a professionally performed bleaching or a custom-made home bleaching.


Veneers are thin, translucent porcelain shells that are attached to your teeth and allow for an aesthetic restoration of your dental appearance in the exact shade of the other teeth.

Dental hygiene

Our dental hygienist cleans your teeth gently yet thoroughly and gives you advice with regard to an effective everyday tooth care.

Handy tips for your tooth health

Regular and correct dental care prevents tooth decay and gum diseases. Brush your teeth after every meal and floss the interdental spaces once a day.
Ideally, you use an electrical toothbrush with a soft toothbrush head (ORAL B Sonic Complete or Panasonic Sonicare) and a fluoride-containing toothpaste e.g. Elmex, Colgate or Meridol. The toothbrush head should be renewed every three months.

After eating acidic food (orange juice, apples, citrous fruits etc.) you should wait for a half hour before you brush your teeth. Be aware that every snack, even the cup of coffee in between, is a potential acid attack on your teeth.

Besides, a comprehensive prophylaxis also includes the regular tooth cleaning by a professional dental hygienist and check-up at the dentist.

We are happy to advise you on your personal mouth care.